This lockdown might look a bit different from the first one, although the feeling of being stuck at home will be familiar to many. This time there won’t be any emotional clapping to the key workers at our doorstep on Thursdays or any panic toilet roll purchasing (we hope), but we know it’s not going to be easy.

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To help you get through Lockdown 2.0, we’ve shared 6 things that really helped us during the first lockdown.

Have a routine (and break it off)

In general, we’ve found that having a routine (and sticking to it) makes it easier to get through the days. We found this to be especially true when it comes to working from home.

For lockdown 2.0 we’re going to be working on maintaining that routine. For most of us that means getting up early, having a shower and breakfast and changing out of pyjamas (even though we’d rather work from bed!). You might not want to wear uncomfortable office clothes at home, but we suggest making the effort to change into something comfortable for the day and leaving your PJs for cosy evenings. More than ever, it’s important to separate work and leisure time.

You’ll also want to break away from your routine particularly when you have days off. Keep your weekends or holiday days as different as you can to your workdays. Some of our favourite weekend activities are as simple as ordering a takeaway, having a few drinks or taking that relaxing bath you’ve been thinking of all week.

Check out other people but don’t compare with them

It’s lovely to look around to see what others are doing. Science has proved that seeing others happy makes us happier. Taking the time to check on your friends and family can be a great way to boost your mood. That being said, try not to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others on social media. You are unique and that should be celebrated!

Ending this lockdown learning some new words in a new language sounds excellent, but you don’t have to. It would be wonderful if you finished that online course you enrolled in 3 years ago, but you don’t have to do it.

Do what you feel like doing. Don’t feel like you have to make the most of each second during this time. Each person’s experience is different, so adjust your needs to yourself.

Exercise (you don’t have to run a marathon)

Exercise can be your best friend in these times.

Whenever you feel down, stressed, tired or overwhelmed, exercise can help you.

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According to the NHS, 150 minutes of mild to moderate exercise per week can be beneficial for an adult. Mild to moderate are definitely the keywords there. You don’t have to run a marathon or kill yourself trying to do 3 hours of spinning each day to reap the rewards of some regular exercise.

We all really enjoy going for a walk and making the most of the outdoor places that we’re allowed to go to. When the weather’s not so great we’ve found online fitness videos can be a great way of enjoying a short sharp burst of exercise to release those endorphins.

Keep on top of the news, but just enough

This one is probably one of the most difficult to do. We live in a world where we have access to information 24/7 and it can be harmful sometimes.

News is at our fingertips. You can find out what’s happening through social media, on TV, in WhatsApp groups, or even in the small talks with neighbours. On top of that, we have to remain vigilant against fake news.

Our top tip for not letting the news drag you down during lockdown is to keep yourself informed but always look for official sources and don’t read what you don’t want to read. Be selective in what or where to get the information from.

Treat yourself like royalty, yes, you deserve it!

Treat yourself! At the end of the day, this year has been difficult for everyone.

A treat doesn’t always have to be an expensive new mobile phone or spending hundreds of pounds on new clothes. It could be anything that cheers you up. We enjoy reading, the occasional Netflix binge, or even family quizzes over Zoom.

Whatever makes your (or others) days better it’s worthy!

Be kind (including to yourself)

This might be the last point in our tips to cope with the lockdown but it’s definitely one of the most important and can be the key to success during these challenging times.

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Committing an act of kindness releases the “love hormone” (oxytocin) which makes us feel so good. It’s free to be kind, so why don’t we do it as much as we can? Something as simple as a smile can change someone’s day.

While being kind to others, don’t forget to be kind to yourself! Think about the things you’re happy and grateful for. Just recognizing the small things will help to improve your mental wellbeing.

We hope you find our tips helpful for getting through the lockdown, and we’d love to hear any tips you think we’ve missed.