Looking for your next getaway? Although there are many unique locations around the globe, at Porter we’ve been searching out some of the most surprising destinations you wouldn’t believe are in the UK.

We’ll help you discover one of the best beaches in the world to magical, hidden places in Scotland.

We hope our suggestions inspire you and convince you that booking a hotel in any of these precious locations will feel like you’re abroad.

Durdle Door, Dorset

Located in a beautiful place in Dorset, Durdle Door is one of the most visited locations on the historical Jurassic Coast.

Durdle Door

You can enjoy this fantastic place from different points of view. We’d recommend going at various times of the day. During the evening, don’t hesitate to go down the 15-minute walk to the beach, and if you’d like to stay longer, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the UK.

Fairy Pools, Scotland

If you’ve been to Scotland, you probably already know that the whole country is magical.

The landscapes, historical castles, and surroundings make the country one of the most visited locations in the United Kingdom.

Among the places to visit, Skye Island should be a must-stop for each traveller, and within the area, we’d recommend stopping at Fairy Pools.

Fairy Pools, Scotland

The Fairy Pools are numerous small waterfalls and ponds that are stunning. They are surrounded by a fantastic landscape and in such a magical location.  While the visit is free, you will have to pay £5 for the parking. Keep in mind that it will take you a good few hours to visit them, but the hiking isn’t too strenuous. . It could get windy, though.

Portmeirion, Wales

We’d already mentioned this place as one of the most romantic places to travel to in the UK.

The picturesque village, built between 1925 and 1975 by Williams-Ellis was modelled on the Italian town of Portofino.

Over the years, it’s become popular with the locals and tourists alike, and is now one of the country’s main attractions.  If you end up going, you’ll experience lovely Mediterranean vibes from a place full of colours and with the unique atmosphere of the South of Europe.

Castle Combe, The Cotswolds

Is there anywhere in the Cotswold that isn’t worth a trip?

The Cotswolds has many places to visit, but this village is so unique. Located in the county of Wiltshire, it’s become one of the most famous places in the whole area.

Street in Castle Combe, England

The village is small but has everything you’d expect. The beautiful pristine cottages and a welcoming atmosphere make this place a must in your list for surprising destinations in the UK. The little town gets even better in autumn with the season’s colours.

Rhossili Beach, Wales

Would you believe this hidden beach in Wales has been considered one of the best beaches in the world over the years?

This secluded beach located in the south of Wales is in the top 10 best beaches in the world. When you visit this place, you’ll know why. The fantastic landscape and the crystal water are just a few of the reasons why it’s high on such a prestigious list.

If you decide to visit, you can also spend a few hours in the historic town of Rhossili. The small village has an amazing Viking past.

We hope you’re ready to experience some surprisingly British destinations.  If you know any others, we’d love to hear more about them.

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