Rancho Pacifico is a boutique hotel for adults situated in a mountaintop rainforest with incredible ocean views. This luxurious vacation destination has an emphasis on incredible service and environmental sustainability. Guests come to Rancho Pacifico for romance, adventure, and wellness. Rancho Pacifico is a full-service resort including restaurant, bar, spa, infinity pool, fitness room, on-site waterfall, hiking trails, and more.

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The breathtaking view over the Pacific from Rancho Pacifico’s infinity pool

We caught up with the owners of Rancho Pacifico to learn how they got into the hotel business and to explore some of their travel memories and future plans…

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Mark and Marlo — The owners of Rancho Pacifico

Hi both. Can you give us an overview of your background and how you ended up in the world of hospitality?
We both came from different industries. Marlo has a background in health and fitness, while Mark had a long career in the electric power industry. We were both getting a little bored and decided to seek out a more exciting second career opportunity. We had taken several memorable trips to Costa Rica so we decided to explore the possibility of purchasing a property in the country. We purchased Rancho Pacifico in 2017.

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Where’s your favourite holiday destination and why?
Costa Rica of course! When we’re not in Costa Rica our favourite destinations include Spain, California wine country, and Lake Cumberland, Kentucky.

What’s your funniest travel memory?
We honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The trip was amazing, but we had two crazy snafus. This was back in the day of traditional film cameras. We accidentally used the same roll of film twice, so all of our honeymoon photos were double-exposed! I also lost my wallet in Mexico. Upon our return to the U.S., I had to talk my way through immigration with no identification.

What’s your top travel tip?
Pack light!

Which destination (that you haven’t been to) is top of your travel bucket list — and why?
We have been dreaming about a bicycle trip through France. It seems like a great way to soak up the French culture and history without fighting the crowds in Paris. Hopefully soon!

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What are the best and worst things about running a hotel?
The best thing is seeing the transformation of our guests upon arrival. They often arrive with a certain look that results from being tired of traveling and stressed from obligations and responsibilities back home. Within hours that look transforms into a look of relaxed bliss. It is so nice to see. The worst thing is that there is always a problem to be fixed! The key is to fix the problem before the guests even know there is a problem.

Quickfire round

Tea or Coffee? Coffee (Costa Rican Coffee please)
Roadtrip or Flying? Flying
Do you send postcards? No
Sand or Snow? Sand
Window or Aisle seat? Aisle
Adventure or Relaxing? Yes! hahaha
Nature or City? Nature
Suitcase or Backpack? Suitcase
Spontaneous or Planning? Planning
Pool or Ocean? Ocean

A recent winner of Trip Advisor’s ‘Best of the Best’ award (in recognition of being ranked in the top 1% of properties worldwide), Rancho Pacifico is a great option for those looking for a luxury getaway in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

To find out more, check out https://ranchopacifico.com/

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