Life seems to be close to returning to normal, according to last Tuesday’s Boris Johnson announcements.

After months of being in lockdown, England finally knows what the months ahead will look like, and they look very promising. The devolved governments are all following different plans and full details of those haven’t been released yet so we’ve focused this article on the plans for England.

As you probably know by now, the first thing will be children going back to school, and small gatherings in our back gardens will be allowed. But, there is also news that travel will be allowed before too long, helping in desperate need of some wanderlust.

The first steps will be cautious, allowing us to stay in local self-contained accommodations, but if everything moves in the right direction, we can even hope for international getaways by the middle of May.

On the evening that the government announced the new rules, we saw increases in travel queries in google trends. Questions like “when can we travel abroad again” or “when can we travel in the UK” have seen about 2,600% and 850% more search queries than the previous week.

If you’re desperate to book a holiday (we are too), we’ve prepared a post with the good, the better, and the best accommodation options to book for each stage.

12 April: Self-contained travel

Set this date on your calendar if you haven’t already. This day is when beer gardens will open, and you are allowed to book self-contained holiday accommodation with your household.

Although the rule would be to stay local, overnight stays are allowed again.

Booking a lodge in the UK middle of the countryside will be a perfect option for the first stage.

Looking for a local option, we have selected a cosy lodge in the lakes. The price is competitive, and it has everything you need so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy

the fantastic surroundings. If you fancy something even better, this cottage in Bath is your option. The house presents well-decorated rooms, and it’s in a beautiful location. Finally, if you are looking for a treat, we have found this studio at a manor house as your best option for an escape during the first phase of lockdown easing.

17 May: International travel

Although there’s still a long way to go, the government plans are to start reopening international travel again by this date.

We don’t know what could happen yet or if this finally will go ahead, but if you would like to book in advance and hope for the best, we have thought about giving you some options. We always recommend having a look at the other country’s restrictions before booking to avoid disappointment.

Booking an accommodations after lockdown in Canary Islands will be a great option to discover its fantastic  Dunes

Suppose you are looking for somewhere international but close to home we’d recommend the Canary Islands. For a quiet getaway surrounded by the gorgeous mountains of Gran Canaria check out this boutique hotel . For resort vibes, we would strongly recommend this big and exclusive resort. Massive pools and lovely rooms are waiting for you.

Finally,  the best option we’ve found are these exclusive villas. You can get a serviced room, gym and a spectacular view from your private pool.

21 June: lives are normal again

We know this looks too good to be true, but plans are on the go, and we hope this finally happens.

The government has announced that by that date if things going as planned all legal limits on social contact will be removed.

For trips after 21st June, we’re going to look further overseas. A good option would be the Greek islands. They are a fantastic option, with plenty to offer and many different styles of holidays. A cheap and excellent choice are these boutique suites in the well-known Santorini island. A better option would be to book this little but perfect hotel in Naxos, one of the less known islands in Greece.

If you are looking for something more luxurious, have a look at this exclusive place with a fantastic sea view in Mykonos.

Greece and its well know sunsets will be one of the english favourites destinations after lockdowns end.

We know these suggestions are subject to restrictions being eased according to the roadmap, but as we are optimistic the plan will work, we hope they’re useful for you to get away.

If you’re struggling to find the right hotel for your next trip, visit Porter where we’ll find your best-matched hotels.