With the green list being updated for one of the top British holiday destinations, the Balearic Islands, bookings have seen a massive increase in the last few weeks.

Despite the risks of an unexpected change in their travel status (they are currently on the green watch list), the attractiveness of a beach holiday has beat any fears of further quarantine, and people are ready to go.

If you’re  one of the lucky people to have booked a holiday in the Mediterranean paradise, we’ll help you discover the best beaches for each island.


We’ll start with the biggest Balearic Island.

Majorca is a popular spot for beach holidaymakers, and it receives tourists every year from everywhere around the world. We understand why, as it has one of the best beaches in Europe.

There are plenty of options, from busy ones to less crowded and more secluded. For this article, we’ll highlight two that you can’t miss.

Es Trenc Beach

Located in the southeast of the Island, this is the most popular and probably one of the reasons why visitors choose Majorca as their destination for the summer holidays.

The beach has fantastic blue and turquoise waters. It’s perfect for going with your family as the waters aren’t too deep, so it makes it suitable for families with young children.

Cala des Moro

Cala des Moro is a beautiful small bay located at the east of Majorca Island.

While it doesn’t have easy access (pack your trainers to avoid disappointment), trekking to get there is worth it.

Impressive beach in Mallorca

The bay can get really crowded as it isn’t huge, so we recommend getting in early in the morning. You’ll avoid the crowds and  trekking during the hottest hours.


The white island has been a popular destination for many years now.

Although it’s synonymous with being one of the top European destinations for clubbers, the island hides some authentic beaches where you can enjoy the day.

Here, you have two to enjoy the daylight and even finish with a fantastic sunset.

Cala Benirras

This small bay, located in the northern part of the island, has become a popular spot for enjoying a magical sunset.

It’s a rocky beach which makes it perfect for snorkelling. It also has plenty of services, with 3 restaurants on the beach.

We recommend visiting on a Sunday evening (head early to secure your spot) and enjoy the hippie ritual celebrated on the beach.

Figueretas Beach

Located in the central city of Ibiza, this beach is a good option for families and for people who don’t want to go further but fancy a swim.

It might not be the most beautiful beach on the island, but it has everything to enjoy a good beach day. Its sandy beach and blue water will delight the visitors. It’s also an excellent place to mix with locals.

A perfect option if you visit the city and you want a quick dip in the mediterranean sea. There are plenty of services around to have a fantastic day.


Menorca might be the less known island from the central Balearics, but it’s growing in popularity more and more each year.

While it has been consistently more famous for the German market, Britons have already got their eye on this beautiful island. As soon as it was put on the green list, the TUI operator sold out its holidays packages in only a few days.

If you fancy a visit this year, head to these lovely spots, and you won’t be disappointed.

Macarella Beach

We don’t need to say much as this beach speaks on its own. If you are visiting Menorca, you must head to this fantastic place.

Deep turquoise waters surrounded by pine trees is what you’re going to find here.

It can get crowded (especially in the summer months), but we recommend still spending a few hours there. You can usually travel there by car, but you will have to check this if you plan to visit during the summer as the local government has banned car access due to the large number of people who visit each day.

Pregonda Beach

We know many other beaches deserve to be in this article, but we’d like to mention this one as the scenery is different from the others.

While the water is blue and transparent like the others, the sand has a red colour like those found at  volcanic destinations.

It’s a bit more secluded than the others, and the waters are deep, but it’s a good choice if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the different scenery.

We really hope you enjoy your summer vacation on the Balearic islands.  If you’d recommend any other locations, we’d love to hear more about them.
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