Spring is finally here.

Long days are finally here after the long winter, and ít´s time to spend time outdoors again.

There are many reasons why you should travel in Spring. The places are less crowd than in Summer, and you don’t usually have high temperatures as in the middle of the Summer months. If you decide to visit one of these places with cold temperatures, those months can be a great choice to enjoy the countries without winter difficulties like road close to the weather or the short hours of light in some of them.

Flower blossom, best activity to do while travelling in Spring

Here at Porter, we think Spring is one of the best times to travel. While this year, we might still look for more local places, this doesn´t stop us from thinking about where we can go in future years—this is why we will give you three options to plan your next spring destination.


We have to put this destination first in our travel in spring places.

Iceland can be an excellent destination for a few reasons.

First of all, the hours of light will make a real difference. In the Winter months, Iceland only enjoys about 5 hours of sunshine, while in Spring, you can get about 10-12 hours of daylight to make a difference. The temperatures are so much easy to enjoy. Don´t expect to be wearing sandals, but you can have the chances to appreciate more the outdoors time during these months.

Icelan is one of the best destinations to explore in Spring

As you can already see, there are many reasons why to go to Iceland in Spring. The country’s landscape is just tremendous, and going in in the spring will mean you can still enjoy all the perks of the place without having to miss anything due to the winter weather.

Suppose you would like to book and treat yourself to a nice hotel, our recommendation in Grandvik, where you can maximise your chances for northern light.  Until April, there are still plenty of opportunities to see them.


Another great destination for travelling in Spring!

There are many reasons we have to choose this destination for this time of the year, but the main one is the tulip blooming.

Tulip Field in the Netherlands, a great plan to travel in Spring

Visiting the country this time o the year you will be able to see the popular tulips fields. An excellent plan for the day could be visiting the fields while you ride a bike. Although there are many cities where you can enjoy the spectacle, we strongly recommend the Noordoostpolder. If you fancy staying the night, book yourself this lovely quicky apartment (you can even enjoy a homemade stone oven for your pizza).


Japan is a great place to visit all year round.

It´s a beautiful country that has so much to offer. Culture, history, gastronomy… Japan is a great place to go to!

Each season of the year has something to offer, but by Spring, you can enjoy Sakura’s phenomenal in Japan.

Blossom season in Japan make a great destination to travel in Sping

Sakura is the phenomenon of cherry blossom. While you can enjoy the blossom in mostly all the country, not in each part is at the same time. You can find the best time to visit depending on which month you are thinking of going. One of the best places to enjoy yourself is at Hirosaki Castle.

For this lovely choice, we have selected this typical Japanese accommodation.

We know by now we aren´t able to travel, but we hope you consider these options.
If you’re struggling to find the right hotel for your next trip, visit Porter where we’ll find your best-matched hotels.