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The year is close to being over, and we’re approaching Christmas.

To help you with the right choices for any of your friends suffering from wanderlust, we’re going to give you the best ideas to surprise them.

Make sure to do it before the Black Friday offers end!

Cabin luggage to take anywhere

If there is one thing that a traveller will use it’s their luggage.

We recommend you buying them a cabin luggage size bag. Your traveller friend will appreciate not having to check it in at the airport.

In terms of brands, the Samsonite bags are the best! They are pricey but they are so long-lasting.

External battery, for friends constantly on their phone

We all know that a lot of travellers, travel to disconnect, but let’s be honest, most of the time they’re still glued to their phones.

Whether they spend all day using their digital camera, phone or whatever other technology they have with them, being out and about all day, they’re going to need an external battery. These external batteries can charge your phone up to 4 times and some have a double USB port for sharing use.

This gift will ensure they’ll always be connected and will have a battery to use all the techy stuff all day long.

Liquid free shampoo and soap, ending the security rush

Who hates having to take out all their liquids in the security queue at airports? With these beauty products, you’ll be able to avoid this.

They’re a bit different from the ones we normally use, but as soon as you get used to them, they’re really helpful, especially when you’re on the go. They’re easy to transport and last a lot longer than traditional shampoos and soaps.

This is a great way to reduce plastic too and a lot of them are cruelty-free. You might end up buying some for yourself too.

Filter bottle and Straw, helping the environment while travelling

This gift idea it’s perfect for those eco-friendly travellers and would be a perfect match with the previous gift idea.

The filter bottle and Straw can filter up to 4000 litres of water and can eliminate bacteria or parasites. What’s more, each bottle sold helps to get water in developing countries too.

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Microfibre Towel, for the sea lover adventurers

Do you know a person that could spend hours and hours on the water? They normally love snorkelling, water adventurers, or chasing sunsets on the best beaches around the world.

If that sounds like your secret Santa, the microfibre towel will be the right choice for them. These towels are handy mainly for reason. They’re normally quite light and can also be folded for easy storage.

Luxury Compression Packing cubes, more for less

Do you remember the first present we talked about? These packing cubes will change your life in terms of packing.

This will make an ideal present for those who love travelling but don’t want to give up on fashion.

The packing cubes will help your gifted keep everything organised in their bags while also helping to save a few inches ready to beat all those “low cost” airline baggage restrictions.

Passport holder, keeping safe the important things

Is the passport the most precious item for a traveller? Surely, yes.

Help them to keep it intact with this customised passport holder. You can customise it however you wish. You might want to include their name or the special place they keep dreaming of going. The passport holder has room to keep up two cards and a pen.

Whatever you decide, this gift will be a great choice!

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National Geographic Traveller magazine, travel from home

Things can only get better next year, but while the travel industry sorts itself out, your traveller friend can escape from the comfort of their house

Any travel fanatic will already be dreaming and searching for the best destinations when borders are open again, so buying them the National Geographic annual subscription will be a great surprise and help them rediscover their wanderlust.

Worldwide Hamper, their favourite country at their doorstep

If there’s something we’ve learned this year, it’s been that your living room can be a magical place.

Bring your nomad friend the best of their favourite country with these hamper boxes.

The boxes get the best of each location (they have Japan, UK and France available at the moment). They include local food products to typical items from the country you choose.

Personalised travel map, a special present

It might be a bit more personal, and you might have to know the person a bit better to buy it, but we definitely think this gift is perfect for any wanderer of the world.

The personalised travel map is just so special. Its design is so elegant and stylish. We love the idea that you can make it unique.

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If you end up buying any of the ideas in the list let us know! We’d love to hear how your travel-curious friends and family react!