Blue Monday is one of the most depressing days of the year.

There are reasons that lead to this outcome. One of them is that most of the people realise that the new year’s resolutions have been left behind. Another reason is we find ourselves broke, having overspent on Christmas shopping. The weather doesn’t help either - days are cold, dark and short.

But, here at Porter, we believe  there are still many things to look forward too. We’ve prepared an article full of activities to try at home and destinations to dream of, that will help you to beat the Blue Monday mood.


If there is a place where Blue Mondays don’t exist it has to be the Maldives.

With more than 1,000 islands to explore you will find yourself in paradise. The clock doesn’t tick there and the only decisions you will have, will be between snorkelling or ordering another cocktail.

Maldives, the paradise to stay in Blue Monday

It might be worth having a look and booking your next holiday as there are plenty of deals right now. Always remember to check official sources for any travel restrictions before travelling.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the closest paradise we have from home.

We just can’t believe how beautiful  and close to home they are! With an average of 24 degrees Celsius all year round, they are the perfect place to spend a cold January.

We’re aware that we can't go this January, but that does not mean that you can’t book it for next year. Get ready to beat Blue Monday 2022 by booking so far in advance. We’re sure that a break to the Canary Islands will help to banish your winter mood.

Laughter yoga

Now that we’ve explored some options to dream about, we’re going to give you a few ideas that you can do at home right now!

One of the best ideas we’ve come up with is laughter Yoga. As you probably know already, Yoga is one of the most beneficial physical exercises you can do. It’s even better if you're doing it while  laughing

Some benefits include:

  • Increasing your physical activity while having fun
  • Improving your general wellbeing
  • Improving your general mood
  • Feeling part of a group, so defeating the isolation in lockdown
Laughter Yoga, is one of the best activity to beat the Blue Monday

You can normally do laughter yoga in specialised locations, but the good news is that many are offering online classes. We recommend this company for laughter yoga in the UK. They have more than 25 years of experience so we’re pretty sure that after the first session you’ll feel amazing.

Virtual chocolate experiences

Chocolate can be your best friend if you want to beat Blue Monday.

The taste and flavours can really improve your day. Many researchers have found that people who eat dark chocolate are more likely to have fewer symptoms of depression.

Eating chocolate is one the best remedies to beat Blue Monday

So, with this in mind, why don’t you organise a virtual tasting experience? This could be really fun while  teaching you many new things about chocolate. It will also help you to connect with your friends from home and feel a bit less lonely for a couple of hours.

There are many options online, but we do like the one offered by the hotel chocolat. The company offers some of the most high quality chocolate you can find in the UK.

Breakfast hampers

Why not ask for a day off work?

Even if you do have to work, let’s start your day with a breakfast hamper and enjoy some benefits of working from home.

Get cosy and wait until the hamper is delivered to your doorstep.

Many companies offer breakfast hampers online, but we would recommend booking it with Fortnum and Mason. Go for the champagne one and make the most of this depressing day.

We really hope these ideas help you through this day. Whatever you decide to do, from the Porter team we want to tell you that the storms will pass, and we will be booking holidays soon.