We are finally here. After months of hard work, and many changes, Porter is finally live.

Porter’s team has worked really hard to bring you a different way to book your next holiday and we’re really proud of it.

Before you check out our site, we’d like you to get to know us a bit more and this is why we’ve prepared a different post to usual.

Today we’re going to talk about Porter’s story and what’s to come with our CEO Gary Piazzon.

Gary, is a traveller who had become frustrated trying to find the right hotel as many other travellers have experienced. One day when deciding to book his next trip, he decided that booking a hotel should be enjoyable rather than a stressful experience.

Porter has developed a whole new booking experience and we’d like to tell you how and why it all started. We hope by the end of this interview you’ll know more about us.

Gary, let’s start from the beginning. When was the moment that you decided to create Porter?

I can’t remember the exact date but it was towards the end of 2019 and I was trying to find a hotel for a trip to London. I’d gone on to one of the big online travel agents, filled out my requirements and was browsing the map view trying to find a great option. I found a property that looked like it was in the perfect location so clicked on it, the details popped up but it said “no availability”. I thought, that’s strange as one of the first things you asked me was when am I travelling.

Nevermind I thought I’ll find somewhere else. I bit more scrolling around the map and I clicked another hotel, only to have the exact same thing happen. I then thought I’d chance it with the list view where I was presented with thousands of options - pretty overwhelming! The hotel right at the top of the list looked quite nice, so I clicked into it only to find that it was located in Milton Keynes, and was evidently at the top of the list as it was paying the most commission - not because it was the best match for me. That got me thinking - surely there’s a better way!

Gary Piazzon, CEO in Porter

And why Porter?

The idea behind Porter is to simplify hotel booking by only recommending your best matches. As we’re building a site designed to help you with the stressful process of hotel booking, we took inspiration for the name from hotel porters, who’s job is to help you out and do the heavy lifting for you.

Main results screen in Porter

What would you like to change with Porter?

I want to change how people discover and book holidays. Fundamentally I believe that discovering the right trip should be a joyful experience. It shouldn’t be time-consuming, and stressful. I want people to enjoy the discovery part and that’s where I think Porter can help.

Where do you see Porter in a few years?

Right now we’re focusing on helping people discover and book hotels. We have a lot planned over the next 12 months to make this experience as enjoyable and simple as possible. In the next few years, I imagine Porter will become more of a “one-stop-shop” helping you with all aspects of travel booking.

Personalised hotel results in Porter

What would you like to hear from a Porter user?

At this early stage, any and all feedback is super helpful as we work on adding more features and functionality to our site.

What I really want to hear Porter user’s saying though, is how simple the site was to use and how much time we saved them by recommending their best-matched hotels (rather than just showing them every hotel).

What Porter moment makes you most proud?

This is probably going to sound cliched, but the thing that makes me most proud is our talented team. Seeing our different team members pulling together to turn an idea into the platform you see today fills me with immense pride. We’ve achieved so much since closing our pre-seed round at the end of November, and I’m really excited to see what we can achieve in the year ahead.

What three words best describe Porter?




Last question, can you give us a sneak preview of any features that could appear on Porter in the future?

We have so many ideas for how we can make Porter your hotel booking site of choice. One thing that’s frustrated me with existing sites is that if you don’t know where you want to go (or if you don’t care), there’s no option for that and your experience ends immediately. I want Porter to be able to help you find great matched hotels, irrespective of location.

From Porter´s team, we really hope you make the most of our platform and we really think we can make the booking process so much easier and enjoyable for you. Would you like to know any other team members? Let us know on our social media channels.