The Lake District in the northwest of England has been for years a national and international tourist destination.

As one of the largest National Parks in the country, it has many places to visit and many attractions to see if you decide to spend your staycation there.

With more than 16 thousand archaeological sites, about 10 mountains up to one thousand feet, and 16 lakes to refresh yourself, this area would be a perfect place to spend a few days during your summer holidays.

In this article, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should visit the Lake District. You’ll also find picturesque accommodation to make the most of your perfect stay.

Travel with all your family

The Lake District is one of the most family-friendly places in the whole country. If you are looking for a place where all your family can have fun, this is the right place for you.

Views from Windermere, Lake District

Whether you and your family are adventurous or prefer to relax, there are many activities you can do. From hiring some bikes or exploring woods full of sculptures, no-one will get bored during this holiday.

If you love to stay with your family but love your solo time, this spacious accommodation (swimming pool included) is the one you should go for.

Adventures? Who said holidays were too relaxed

If there is something that the Lakes are for, it’s to have an adventure.

Although the area is well known for being the best spot for a good hiking day, the outdoor activities don’t have to be limited to walks.

You can spend a whole day rock climbing or hire a mountain bike and get lost in any of their beautiful paths. If you fancy something different, why not rent a boat and get around? Windermere lake is perfect for this. If you choose this option, bring some food with you, and you’ll have a great sailing experience day.

There is also room for history…

It’s true that when you plan a holiday at the Lake District, you might think it would be outdoorsy and it’s all about forests and lakes, but let us tell you that the area has many options if history is what piques your interest.

Cumbria has been habited for more than 5000 years, and many important cultures have lived in the area for centuries. Celts or Romans, among others, established themselves there, so that you can find many remains of their past.

Wray Castle, Lake District
Wray Castle, Lake District

If you are looking for something more recent, why not visit the numerous castles? We strongly recommend Wray Castle and Lowther Castle.

Complete your visit and stay at this spectacular 11th-century castle.

Missing the city vibes? Try this

Fair enough, the area doesn’t have big cities as we all know, but there are plenty of villages where you can get those vibes.

You can enjoy a lovely lunch with some great pubs in places like Windermere or Keswick. If you’d prefer somewhere a bit bigger, just outside the lakes, visit Kendal. The city is big enough to get out and about, and you can even enjoy a shopping day if you’d like.

Sunset over Kendal, Lake District
Sunset over Kendal, Lake District

And finally, relax

If adventure and activity isn’t for you, why not treat yourself to a relaxing break?

The Lakes are a great spot for this type of holiday. While relaxing doesn’t have to mean spending all day in your hotel room, it could be a mix between idyllic and quiet walks, delicious lunch stops and a lovely spa time. Try a walk around the shore of Derwentwater, watch the sunset while enjoying a lovely dinner on a sailing cruise or simply experience nature by having a nap in one of the numerous forests.

With many spa hotels around the area there’s an excellent opportunity to wind down. If you’re visiting for a special occasion, this marvellous hotel is where you’d like to be.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to book your next getaway. If you’d recommend any other things to do in the Lake District, let us know.
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