Are you a Valentine lover or do you hate this day?

Whether you love Valentine’s day or just think it’s another  “marketing holiday”, it’s an excellent opportunity to travel, and this is what it’s all about.

This year we might only get to travel to the beautiful park next to our house, but this doesn’t stop us from booking our 2022 Valentine’s romantic getaway

From beautiful European destinations to sparkly Asian cities, we are going to find the best romantic getaways to surprise your Valentine or even go for a solo journey.

Venice, Italy

We know that this is a classic destination for a Valentine getaway, but this won’t stop us from mentioning it.

Venice, in Italy, gets around 20 million tourists each year. If you haven’t already been and you’re asking yourself why you should go, the answer is clear. Venice is a poetic city surrounded by many romantic attractions.

Venice, the city of love, best romantic getaway in Italy

You can surprise your loved one by taking a gondola ride in one of its many canals, or you can enjoy a good gelato in San Marcos Square with plenty of great people-watching opportunities.

If you want to get a bit more from your visit to Venice, make sure you include a trip to the little village of Burano. A colourful place which is less crowded than Venice and you will love it.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is well known for being the pearl of the Danube.

Hungary’s capital is spectacular. The city is beautiful, and its remarkable history makes it a perfect place to spend such a special day.

Walking on the streets will make you feel the luxury and romantic atmosphere of the early 19th century.

You need to visit the Parliament (inside and outside) and, of course, its main attraction, the Fisherman’s Bastion. End your visit by booking one of the best restaurants in the city with some spectacular Parliament views.

Bruges, Belgium

The old city of Bruges, located in the northern part of Belgium, is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions

The city has centuries of history and is one of the main attractions of the old continent.

Main Square in Bruges, Belgium

There are many reasons why you should visit it at any time of the year, but there are even more if you are planning a romantic getaway.

The city is small, just enough to have a great weekend break. You can enjoy endless walks next to the canals, having a wander around its streets, and making many stops as needed to taste the best chocolate in the world. Make the most of your visit by trying one (or more) of the worldwide known Belgium beers.

Bath, England

Bath, in the south of England, is just the perfect destination for couples.

You might know more about the city after the successful Bridgerton series from Netflix, but Bath has been well known as the city of love for many years.

The town is just so dreamy, and each corner of the city is charming. It has been the home of one of the most romantic writers, Jane Austen.

You can enjoy a good stroll to one of the oldest roman baths in Europe, or even visit the city from the sky with an air balloon ride. If you fancy something less expensive, a picnic in one of Victoria’s parks is a great plan.

Whatever plans you have for the city, we can assure you that you and your loved one will have a fantastic time.

Hoi An, Vietnam

We said at the beginning of the article that we have a romantic city from South Asia.

The chosen city has to be Hoi An, located on the central coast of Vietnam, mostly known for its beauty; the ancient city is very well-kept. Walking during the day around the city is good, but the magic starts when the sun goes down.

The city has many attractions, such as its historical Japanese bridge or the Chinese assembly.

The popular lanterns in Hoi An make the city a perfect romantic getaway in Vietnam

As you can imagine, it’s scorching and humid there during the day, so we recommend visiting the city during the blue hour. The light at this time of the day is magic, and you can see the town illuminated by its millions of lanterns.

We hope we’ve encouraged you to book your next Valentine’s trip for 2022. Do you have other cities in mind? Where’s the most romantic place you’ve visited?