As the colours change, and the nights draw in, we’re fast approaching the spookiest time of the year!

Although Halloween looks a little different this year, we’ve been searching for some spooktacular getaways at some of the most haunted properties in the UK, including enchanted castles, haunted hotels and even an old prison.

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Chillingham Castle, only for the bravest

Chillingham Castle, located in the North East of England, claims to be the most haunted castle in the country.

The castle was built in the 12th century and has been the site of many battles over the years. Rumour has it, that the souls of felled soldiers are still within its walls.

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Other than offering a paranormal experience, you can book different styles of apartments at the castle. From the tearoom to the bodyguard room, you can be certain of a unique stay.

If you’re feeling brave enough, they offer different additional activities such as ghost hunts, ghost tours or even group dining experience with (invisible) guests.

Prince Rupert Hotel, meeting the loyal ghosts

This old royal residence was once the house of Prince Rupert, the grandchild of King James I, and according to the legend, he’s never left.

Located in the market town of Shrewsbury, many visitors at the Prince Rupert Hotel have reported being touched by things or hearing noises when the rooms are empty, especially in the Prince Rupert Suite.

The hotel is a beautiful 12th-century mansion house with views over the historical St. Alkmund’s church. All the chambers are en-suite, and are decorated to maintain the essence of the medieval building. You can choose different rooms according to the century you would prefer. The 12th-century chamber still has the original bathroom floor! This sounds like the perfect place if you want to meet some royals from the past.

The Feathers Hotel, greetings from its usual guests

The Feathers hotel, located in the small village of Ludlow, is a family-run hotel originally built-in 1619.

The building is apparently so haunted, it’d previously been featured on the TV programme Ghost Hunters.

Stories say that within room 211, during cold winter nights, guests have found themselves soaked in water while their bed was totally dry. There have also been apparitions of women walking naked around the parking lot of the hotel too.

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Whether these legends are true or not, you can discover booking one of its 42 en-suite rooms they have available. Pay attention, as several people have reported a strange man walking around with his dog. When asking about him at the reception, they found out he wasn’t a real guest.

Dalhousie Castle Hotel & Spa, time for a spooky relaxed experience

Castles are synonymous with mystery and this one is no exception.

With more than 800 years of history, Dalhousie Castle, located near to the cultural city of Edinburgh, has the reputation of being the longest inhabited castle in Scotland.

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According to rumours, the castle had many popular guests such as King Edward I and Queen Victoria. One of the longest guests is Sir Alexander Ramsay. He was a prisoner at the castle and starved to death back in 1342. Since then, he’s been spotted inside and in the grounds of the castle.

After searching for Sir Ramsay, enjoy one of their beautiful rooms or relax during a full spa session at their large facilities.

Malmaison Oxford, lock yourself up in style

The sound of staying the night in jail might not sound exciting at all, however, if you’re looking for a stylish gloomy experience, this place is your best option.

Malmaison Oxford, located in the centre of Oxford, used to be a prison back in the 1800’s. It has now been converted into a chic boutique hotel. They have refurbished the old cells to comfortable rooms. If you want the full experience, book the double cell room.

Guests staying at the hotel have said that the prisoners still wander around the communal areas and some of them have been spotted in some rooms. Check it out yourself.

We really hope these recommendations help you to book your Halloween getaway. We’d love to hear of any spooky trips you’ve been on!