We are all dying to get outdoors and explore the world outside our neighbourhood, but this doesn’t seem right at the moment.

Luckily, we can still travel from our comfortable sofas. To help you with this travel cravings, we’ve shared a few options to have a worldwide experience without leaving your living room.

Take your control remote and enjoy this adventure.

Street food for the foodie travellers, Netflix have you

If food is the main reason why you travel, these series are for you. Before we tell you a bit more about this, we don’t take responsibility for the food desires you might have after watching it.

Street food has two seasons of nine episodes. They go to the most popular street food spots in the world. From Asia to Latin America, you are going to discover the different flavours of the world.

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Let your mind fly and imagine how snails can taste at the busy streets of Ho Chinh Minh in Vietnam, or feel the love Argentines have for cheeses.

We are sure that when you finish watching it, you are going to be ready for your next foodie adventure.

Not sure where to go next? Lonely Planet will help you

As we know already, one of your passion is travelling, so there is a chance you’ve had one of these books at least once in your life.

After a drop in sales of travel guides at the beginning of 2000s, the sales settled again by 2015 and the company Lonely Planet has established as one of the market leaders.

Lonely Planet doesn’t only sell travel guides for specific destinations, they have collections where you can discover places you didn’t even know existed.

Collections like the “ultimate list” will fill your bookcase with a lot of ideas for your next trips.

If you are open to going anywhere and want to find a better time to do it, we recommend you to buy any of the collection “Where to go, when”. They have a worldwide collection and a special edition for Europe.

Movie time? Discover America by the hand of Sean Penn

We know that there are hundreds of films which can inspire you to travel, but at Porter, we think this is the MOVIE.

We have chosen the fantastic creation of Sean Penn, “Into the wild”, which is based on the popular book “Into the wild” of Jon Krakauer.

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Probably, many of you have watched it already, and we don’t want to spoil it too, in case you haven’t, but this movie will take you places like Alaska, California among many others.

We are sorry to tell you that after watching the film, you will crave to go to this part of the world.

Assassin’s Creed, tickets to travelling to ancient places

If you are more of a gamer, this game will take so many places from your living room.

Computer games have advanced much more than just a few spaceships killing little Martians. The graphics are that good that just playing you can virtually travel to remote places. They are filled with details, colours and stories which kept us at the edge of our sofas from the beginning to the end.

The saga of Assassin’s Creed, are based on different parts of the world. Depending on the game, you can be travelling places like Ancient Greece, old New York streets, or even Rome through the story of the game.

Can´t wait for an adventure, go wild with these guys

The podcasts are really popular in our days. They are easy, handy and most importantly they make you feel connected with the host.

“Wild ideas worthing podcasts” will be for you if you are dying for an adventure.

The different podcasts will speak with real adventurers. You will listen to fascinating stories with all kind of characters. From athletics who have been running over the 5 continents to a married couple who have break records skiing more than 500 miles at the South Pole.

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They have been producing the podcasts for the last 4 years, so we are sure you can find many that will satisfy your escapade needs.

Which of the following ideas will you try to travel from your sofa? We would love to hear from you and tell us any other we’ve missed.