Happy mother’s day!

Mothers are natural adventurers. When thinking of mothers, phrases like “happy to help” and “kind and strong” spring to mind.  For those who can, we’d highly recommend a “solo” holiday with them when you’re an adult.

Travelling with your mum can be a unique experience. While you can both do whatever you like most, you can also spend quality time together outside the day-to-day routines.

While you were little, they probably took you to many places, so why not reverse roles and treat your mum to a holiday?

For those of you still wondering whether it’s a good idea, we decided to share some stories from our team that will assure you that travelling with your mother is a great experience for both.

Travelling to sunny Florida with our CEO, Gary, and his mother

Here a fun story from our CEO.

“My mum has always wanted to visit Disneyworld in Florida, so unsurprisingly, my favourite memory of travelling with mum was a trip to Florida at the end of 2016.

We headed out to the sunshine state shortly after Christmas and stayed through New Year along with my wife and her immediate family. For both of us, this was the first time enjoying a warm winter break (and it’s definitely something I plan to repeat!). Leaving the rainy, cold and dark British winter behind us, we fully embraced the Floridian sun sitting by the pool (and of course, I managed the odd midday dip).

Florida city and their popular palms

We stayed in the small city of Tarpon Springs, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The self-proclaimed “sponge capital of the world” is a hotspot of incredible Greek cuisine thanks to Greek sponge divers who settled there during the early 1900s. The sponge docks are a must-visit destination, and in the downtown, there’s plenty of fun souvenir shops to explore.

Of course, our trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Disneyworld. As we only had time for a day trip to the park, we decided to visit the Magical Kingdom. During the day, we managed to visit the Haunted Mansion, rode through “it’s a small world” and experienced Pirates of the Caribbean and The Little Mermaid, as well as a rollercoaster ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. To wrap up, we watched a brilliant lights and fireworks display on Cinderella Castle.

Although I wish we could have stayed longer, we had such an enjoyable time, and on our flight home, we even experienced the most elusive of things – a flight upgrade!”

Travel to cloudy England with our content writer, Jess, and her mother

Here, we have another great story from our content writer.

“I was living in the UK for the last nine months, and by Summer my mum decided to come and visit me. What an adventure!

It was the first time my mum visited England and even the first time she took a plane to give you an idea.

I still remembered when she crossed the arrival gate at London airport. Once we settled at the hotel, we were ready to enjoy this beautiful trip to London.

For the next week, we explored all the main attractions of the capital of England.  We went from top to bottom of the city, and my mum really enjoyed it.

London and its popular Big Ben

While our accommodation was nothing other than a luxury, we did the most of it. The location was excellent, just at the busy corner of Earl´s Court, next to the underground. The room was tiny, but it was just what my mum and I needed after the day of being out and about in the cloudy city.

We visited the most attractive points, such as Candem Town, Hyde Park, Picadilly. We even went for a girl shopping day on Oxford Street.

We enjoy each second of every day, and although London is a beautiful place, what I think the highlight of the trip was the time we spent together seen the city through my mum’s eyes. She had her eyes open, and her senses were 100% on during the whole trip. She was so ready for any adventures I proposed to her.

The week flew by so quick, and it was time to say goodbye. On the last day of our trip, in a quirky pub in Candem, we were having a look at our pictures, and I will never forget what my mum said: “Jess, it wasn´t the place, it could be anywhere, but it had been the memories we built during this week what I will remember for many years”.

And that´s by a blink I was back at home, she was back too, and we both have unforgettable memories (and tons of pictures) in our hearts.”

Travel to Budapest with Chloe, our social media manager, and her mother

Another great story from our social media manager.

“Mother-daughter trips are so underrated!

Last year my mum and I took a trip to Budapest for my 21st Birthday and she was the best travel partner. Despite the weather being a little on the colder side, there was plenty to do, such as visiting the infamous Szechenyi Baths, the castle and visiting the Ruin Bars.

The popular Budapest Parlament

I would absolutely love to go back there again, especially to see the city in its summer beauty. It was my last trip before the pandemic which made it even more special.”

We’d love to hear about  any trips you’ve taken with your mother. Happy Mothers day to all the mums out there.